We’re an online resource, shoppe and community built to educate, champion, and support small businesses.

Think of us as your business’s General Store—a place where you’ll always be welcomed, considered, and able to find just what you need.

We believe in the shop around the corner, the longevity of quality goods & the art of customer service.

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Our digital guides and consulting services are crafted to empower small businesses and shop owners to master modern marketing strategies, while remaining authentic and rooted in integrity. 

Natalie & Stephanie, co-founders of The Shoppe Guide

The Shoppe Guide was born out of a steadfast belief in the businesses that make up our favorite small towns, city streets, and corners of the internet. They’re the ones who thoughtfully package each individual parcel, create and source quality pieces that stand the test of time, and make you feel like part of the family, rather than part of the bottom line. ⁣

During a time when big box stores are dominating the online marketplace, these are the businesses we feel called to empower—because while we may be living in a digital era, we can’t imagine a world without Main Street charm. 

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The Shoppe Guide’s presets transform smartphone photos to enchanting images that exude a distinct sense of warmth, depth, and nostalgia—a unique combination that captures attention and transports your audience to another place and time.⁣


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Learn how to tap into the power of influencer marketing with a solid framework and clear direction, crafted from proven methods and strategies.

Elevate the brand images for your website, shop, and campaigns using the tools already at your disposal.

Digital Guides for Small Business Owners