A bespoke solution for small businesses ready to optimize their marketing strategy and elevate their customer connections

Hi! Natalie and Stephanie here. We’re fellow small business owners and supporters with more than a decade of combined experience in the retail and influencer industries. 

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Simply put: We help independent shops and brands tap into the power of modern marketing strategies and customer experience, without sacrificing the integrity or charm that got them into small business ownership in the first place.




The Assessment is our one-on-one service for small business owners seeking a bespoke strategy that will identify effective ways to optimize their marketing, boost brand awareness, and increase revenue.


STEP ONE: Book a discovery call

We’ll schedule a 15-30 minute Discovery Call so you can share more about your business, your goals, and your unique challenges. The $150 Discovery Call fee will be applied to your total package when you decide to sign on for the full Assessment.

STEP TWO: The Deep Dive

After we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, we’ll take a deep dive into all of the marketing streams of your business, which may include...

- Social media content
- Email marketing
- Text message marketing
- Influencer programs
- Product design
- Branding

We take a good long look at all the touchpoints between you and your audience, how they’re finding you, what their experience is, and how that’s translating to your sales and revenue. 

STEP THREE: The Game Plan

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll meet for a two hour Zoom session to present our high-level solutions and recommendations for meeting your goals and overcoming your unique challenges. We specifically place a strong emphasis on aesthetics, branding, social media content, and customer connection. Don’t worry: you’ll have plenty of time in this session to ask us questions about our proposed solutions, so you’ll leave the call feeling confident and empowered to implement your tailored strategy.

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Side Note: Don’t be intimidated! We’ve worked with brands in all stages of growth, from businesses in their infancy to established shops looking to pivot into the digital space. We truly respect you letting us in on the parts of your business that may feel vulnerable or sensitive, which is why we focus on an empathetic approach that assures we’re here to help, not judge. 

"I am so thankful for this experience!"

Working with Stephanie and Natalie has been an absolute joy. They are seriously a dream team - both bringing expertise in such different but equally important ways. Not only are Stephanie and Natalie lovely people and beyond talented; their passion for wanting small businesses to thrive sets them apart. Doing The Assessment with them was such a helpful guidepost for me as I am working to grow my business. They were able to understand me, my business, and my goals in a holistic way and offered me tangible advice on marketing, social media, web design, product offerings, and so much more that I knew I could trust. Their guidance has already made a difference and I know it will continue to do so. I am so thankful for this experience! 

— Abby alley, founder of Abby Alley


PROVEN METHODS: Our digital marketing campaigns and partnerships have driven multiple six-figure sales to small businesses.
EXPERTS IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: More than a decade of experience in the retail industry has allowed us to hone the art of customer service and learn clear strategies that create loyal customers and repeat clients. 

A PRAGMATIC APPROACH: We focus on sharing practical tools and methods that business owners can begin to implement from day one.

A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE: A combined 13 years of experience as influencers brings invaluable insights to effectively tapping into the power of modern day marketing.

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